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What Is the Hardest Shooting Nerf Gun? [ANSWERED]

What Is the Hardest Shooting Nerf Gun? [ANSWERED]

Nerf guns are primarily designed for kids and young people, and as a result, they are lightweight and uninspiring. The two major factors that heavily influence how hard-shooting and powerful a nerf gun is are the ammunition type and the firing velocity of the blaster. Any gun with a strong impact force is also considered a hard-shooting gun.

The hardest-shooting nerf gun is Captain Slug Caliburn. This nerf gun can launch darts at an astonishing 210 feet per second speed. It is a magazine-fed, spring-powered, pump-action dart gun that can shoot various darts, including Elite Nerf and Jet Blaster darts.

While the Caliburn is the hardest-hitting nerf gun, a few other contenders are equally as strong. Today, there are more than 600 Nerf guns on the market. However, only a few are hard shooting guns.

big gun kid playingWhat Is The Hardest Shooting Nerf Gun?

When you get struck with a Nerf gun, it does not injure you, and it is not supposed to; nerf guns are much fun to play with, and the foam darts are made to be gentle. However, there is a gun that shoots its darts at such a high rate that it is regarded as the most powerful Nerf gun. Below are some of the hardest shooting nerf guns.

Captain Slug Caliburn

The Captain Slug Caliburn is genuinely terrifying if you want to instill genuine terror in even the most fearless of your adversaries. This high-quality 3-dimensional enthusiast product is more effective than most NERF guns. It is so powerful that it can fire darts at 210 frames per second, while most NERF guns that fire darts fire at around 70 frames per second.

Since these blasters are specially produced, you can choose from a range of colors and spring strengths, which determine the blaster's power; the K26 spring being the most powerful. Dart zone darts, jet blaster darts, waffle darts, and elite darts are among the darts that this nerf gun can fire. However, elite darts have poor accuracy at high speeds, and the tip of waffle darts is a little too big for the barrel, slowing the dart down.

On top of that, two Picatinny rails may be installed with any operational accessories you want. Picatinny rails are special forces standards commonly used during paintball and airsoft; thus, your imagination is the only restriction. However, this nerf gun hurts and bruises if you get too close, and it is inappropriate for children under 14.

N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

The N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster is a clip mechanism blaster that can simultaneously use two clips or drums. It features two barrels that fire in turn. When shooting, the barrels instantly collapse sequentially. There are four tactical rails on the blaster's top: one on each of the clip wells and two in the middle.

The middle two rails have been combined into a single rail with two rail teeth. As a result, it can accommodate two separate connections as long as they do not interfere. It is one of the few blasters with this type of rail; a tripod attachment lug is located at its bottom.

This lug is usable with the tripod that comes with it and the Vulcan tripod. At the beginning of each barrel, the blaster contains two strap points. Each clip well has a clip release on the back; The firing trigger is a huge orange button positioned atop the spade grip at the back of the blaster; the button can also be used as an acceleration trigger.

Dart ProZone MK-3

Several powerful battery-powered animals can fire a barrage of high-velocity darts that few foes can avoid; the Dart ProZone MK-3 is at the top of the list, which is quite cool. It is an assault weapon with a select-fire toggle that lets you choose between semi-auto and full-auto fire modes.

The Pro Mk-3 shoots 4 darts per second in full auto mode and can reach 140 FPS with the correct darts. It comes with two 15-round magazines for half-length and full-length, including a half-length magazine connector. It can, however, be modified with most N-Strike drums for you to easily toss an Elite Titan 50-round drum into this beast and launch massive volumes of foam.

The blaster is powered by eight AA batteries and comes with a working red dot sight, a great convenient rubber feel on the holder, and 12 half-length and full-length darts. The gun can shoot a range of additional darts, including NERF Elite Darts.

Nerf Mach-100 Hyper Blaster

Identical to the NERF Rival Line, the Hyper Line is a newer blaster version that fires Hyper Rounds. Do not worry, they will not kill you, but you will surely feel them far beyond regular NERF rounds. The Nerf Mach-100 Hyper Blaster is a full-auto, battery-powered beast that can fire rounds at a blistering 110 FPS.

It also has a large hopper that can carry up to 100 rounds; it is rated to accommodate 80 rounds, but you can easily push in more. In Nerf battles, reloading containers is a game-changer. Easily open the container window, pour fistfuls of bullets back into the rifle, and you are ready to pummel your enemies in seconds.

However, the Hyper Mach-100's main flaw is its new type of ammunition; they like to cling together because the ammunition is rubbery. This can lead to clumping and jamming in the hopper. The Nerf Mach-100 Hyper Blaster is a wonderful choice for when you want to give your foam a boost.

Nerf Perses Rival

The Nerf Perses Rival was named after the Greek god of devastation, the Titans, and it lives up to its reputation. This battery-powered, fully automatic, hopper-fed gun stores 50 Rival Rounds, which are little foam balls, and can fire eight rounds per second at 100 feet per second. A Perses hopper extension can also increase capacity to 150 cycles.

In the NERF world, hoppers are a game-changer because they allow you to swiftly reload by putting fistfuls of balls back into the hopper. You could be completely reloaded and shooting again in a matter of seconds. It includes a 6.9 V rechargeable battery, which is unusual in Nerf guns and will save you a lot of money on batteries.

You may also switch to a 12V Li-po battery to improve the firing rate and velocity, boosting the blaster's overall power. It is ambidextrous, which is great for lefties, and it has a compact, non-extendable stock.

kid toy gunNerf Prometheus Rival

The Nerf Prometheus Rival is a gigantic, hard-shooting combat machine named after a Greek Titan god. This minigun, like the Perses, fires eight Rival Rounds each second at an astounding 100 frames per second. It comes with a big 9.6V rechargeable battery; however, you can effortlessly upgrade to a 12V lipo battery to get an extra 20 to 30-percent efficiency from this beast.

The Prometheus has an enormous internal hopper that can hold 200 rounds; it also features a huge hopper door that allows you to deposit balls into the rifle quickly. It also has two tactical rails, one beneath the front handle and the other below the gun, for any Rival accessories.

It shoots rounds smoothly and uses a motorized spinner to dismantle any knots and keep the shots flowing, but you will still have to shake it occasionally while shooting, as with all hopper-fed blasters.

Final Thoughts

You cannot get a more powerful nerf gun than those provided above if you seek one of the hardest shooting nerf guns that launch bullets at amazing speeds and cause severe, slightly more suffering and pain to your adversaries. However, when purchasing these guns, check for the durability of the gun and the material it is made from, the type of ammunition it works with, and its power source.

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