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How Much Does A UTV Trailer Weigh? We Break Them Down

How Much Does A UTV Trailer Weigh? We Break Them Down

The weight of a UTV trailer is a significant factor when choosing the best UTV to purchase. Each utility terrain vehicle has a specific purpose, and for it to achieve this purpose, a specific weight is required, hence, the variation in the weight of each trailer.

The average weight of utility terrain vehicle trailers is between 545 and 680 kilograms (1,200 pounds and 1,500 pounds). Most two-seat UTVs weigh between 1,200 pounds and 1,600 pounds. Utility UTVs weigh more than that, usually up to 2,000 pounds. Youth UTVs weigh between 400 pounds and 700 pounds.

It would be best to answer some essential questions before deciding the best UTV trailers to purchase. Questions like: can your SUV or truck haul the UTV? Can your trailer support the weight of the UTV you want to purchase? These questions determine the most suitable UTV trailer for you.

What Are The Most Popular Utility Terrain Vehicle Trailers?


In North America, UTV manufacturing companies are booming in sales. There are many innovative improvements to existing utility terrain vehicles to improve versatility and rider comfort while exploring outdoors.

It would help if you took note of a few things; these will help you determine the correct weight of the UTV trailer you should purchase.

  • The weight usually given of a UTV trailer is the dry weight unless it is stated otherwise. A UTV's dry weight is its weight without gasoline, oil, or other fluids.
  • Some manufacturers use what they refer to as wet weight, also called ready to ride or curb weight. Wet weight is the weight of the UTV with all standard equipment, a full tank of gasoline, and other fluids.
  • There is something called the gross weight. This is the weight of the UTV and the total load it is designed to carry, including riders and optional equipment.

Keeping this in mind will help you understand these terminologies when you see them, and you can decide the best UTV trailer that would meet your needs. Let us look at some of the most popular UTV trailers and their weights.

Aluma ES Trailer

The foremost manufacturer of aluminum trailers is Aluma, and it is one of the biggest industries in the business. Since Aluma is a leading company in the industry, you should expect the prices of the products to be higher than others.

There has been a review of the price of the ES trailers; you can get a good trailer of either 10, 12, or 14-foot length at a reasonable price. There are different models of the Aluma ES trailers, and these trailers vary in weight. Some of the models include:

  • 548ESA Aluminum Deck Utility Trailer with a weight of 375 pounds.
  • 6800ESW- Wood Deck Utility Trailers. These have two models, the 6810ESW that weighs 765 pounds and the 6812ESW that weighs 825 pounds.
  • 7800ESA- Aluminum Deck Utility has three models, the 7810ESA with a weight of 625 pounds, the 7812ESA weighs 675 pounds, and the 7814ESA weighs 725 pounds.
  • 7800ESW- Wood Deck Utility Trailers. This has three models, the 7810ESW weighs 825 pounds, the 7812ESW weighs 900 pounds, and the 7814ESW weighs 1050 pounds.
  • 7800ESW-TILT- Wood Deck Utility Trailers. It has two models, the 7812ESW-TILT, which weighs 930 pounds, and the 7814ESW-TILT weighs 1050 pounds.
  • 7800TAESA | Tandem Axle Aluminum Deck Utility. This particular brand has four models, 7814TAESA, which weighs 975 pounds, 7816TAESA, weighs 1050 pounds, 7818TAESA, with a weight of 1125 pounds, and the 7820TAESA, which weighs 1200 pounds.
  • 7800TAESw | Tandem Axle Aluminum Deck Utility Trailers. There are four models of this brand. The 7814TAESW weighs 1400 pounds, the 7816TAESW weighs 1450 pounds, the 7818TAESW weighs 1500 pounds, and the 7820TAESW weighs 1550 pounds.

Triton Premium Plus Trailer

Triton is another company manufacturing excellent, durable, and exclusive UTV trailers. They were careful to design their vehicles with aluminum, built-in tie-down points, and flush with the deck. Heavy-duty materials are used to construct the folding loading ramp to make it durable and last for a very long time.

Triton manufactured the AUX Series, the FIT Series, the TILT Series, the ATV Series, UT Series, and the CH & EHHD Series as its Utility Terrain Vehicle Trailers.

There are four models of the AUX Series:

  • The AUX1882-SPORT weighs 1338 pounds.
  • The AUX2082-SPORT weighs 1400 pounds.
  • The AUX2282-7K, with a weight of 1502 pounds.
  • The AUX2482-7K weighs 1557 pounds.

The FIT Series has sixteen models:

  • The FIT852 weighs 382 pounds.
  • The FIT864 weighs 428 pounds.
  • The FIT864-P weighs 457 pounds.
  • The FIT1064 weighs 477 pounds.
  • The FIT1064-P weighs 510 pounds.
  • The FIT1072 weighs 523 pounds.
  • The FIT1272 weighs 596 pounds.
  • The FIT1281 weighs 734 pounds.
  • The FIT1281-P weighs 794 pounds.
  • The FIT1472 weighs 684 pounds.
  • The FIT1481 weighs 807 pounds.
  • The FIT1481-P weighs 789 pounds.
  • The FIT1481-2 weighs 1125 pounds.
  • The FIT1481-2-P weighs 1138 pounds.
  • The FIT1681-2 weighs 1215 pounds.
  • The FIT1681-2-P weighs 1223 pounds.

Next is the TILT Series. There are three models:

  • The TILT1072, with a weight of 500 pounds.
  • The TILT1282 weighs 700 pounds.
  • The TILT1482 weighs 827 pounds.

The ATV Series has eleven models:

  • The ATV88 weighs 360 pounds.
  • The ATV128 weighs 520 pounds.
  • The ATV128-2 weighs 680 pounds.
  • The ATV168 weighs 780 pounds.
  • The ATV88-TR weighs 410 pounds.
  • The ATV128-TR weighs 570 pounds.
  • The ATV128-2-TR weighs 730 pounds.
  • The ATV168-TR weighs 830 pounds.
  • The ATV1490-TR weighs 714 pounds.
  • The ATV1490-2-TR weighs 841 pounds.
  • The ATV1890-TR weighs 994 pounds.

The UT Series consists of four models:

  • The UT12 with a weight of 780 pounds.
  • The UT12-2 weighs 900 pounds.
  • The UT16 weighs 1000 pounds.
  • The UT16-7 weighs 1175 pounds.

The CH & EHHD Series has six models:

  • The CH18 weighs 1480 pounds.
  • The CH20 weighs 1600 pounds.
  • The CH22 weighs 1720 pounds.
  • The EHHD18 weighs 1810 pounds.
  • The EHHD20 weighs 2010 pounds.
  • The EHHD22 weighs 2210 pounds.

Legend Open Deluxe

If you want a perfect UTV trailer capable of hauling multiple machines, you should consider one of the models from Legend Open Deluxe company. This company utilizes four-inch aluminum beams for the frame, two-inch aluminum tubing, and heavy-duty cross members for the railing. There are also four-inch axles with drop springs for suspension. There are two models, the Single Axle: Open Deluxe that weighs between 2200 pounds and 2990 pounds, and the Tandem Axle: Open Deluxe that weighs about 5000 pounds.

Utility Terrain Vehicle Trailers and Their Sizes


Different UTV trailers have different sizes, so these measurements are important in determining the type and model of trailer you will purchase. There are three types of trailers, Cargo Trailers, Utility Trailers, and Auto Trailers. These three types of trailers have different sizes and weight capacities. However, we will be looking at the sizes of utility trailers.

UTV Trailer Size Weight Limit
4 feet x 7 feet 1770 pounds
5 feet x 8 feet 1890 pounds
5 feet x 9 feet with ramp 1650 pounds
6 feet x 12 feet 2670 pounds
6 feet x 12 feet with ramp 2110 pounds

You can see the variations in the sizes of different UTV trailers. This will make it easier for you to tell which ones are different based on their size.

Final Thoughts


Deciding the best utility terrain vehicle trailer can be difficult if you are not aware of the difference in brands and types of trailers. This is why you need to understand the specifications that would fit perfectly into the purpose you have in mind.

You cannot walk into a vehicle store and purchase UTV trailers when you are not aware of the best choice for your purpose. We hope this blog post helped you understand the weights of different trailers and determine which one is the best for you to purchase.

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