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What Size is an RV King Mattress? [Find Out Here]

What Size is an RV King Mattress? [Find Out Here]

With RVs, traveling in style and comfort has never been easier. However, the size of your RV mattress is an important consideration when buying one. There are many options, including twin mattresses, full-sized, California king, and king.

But an RV king mattress is the second most popular choice because of its ideal size. It measures 76" by 80" and is slightly bigger than a regular queen-size mattress. This means it allows enough room to sleep well and move around your RV without giving up your comfort.

Your RV mattress may not be as comfortable as the one back home because it will often be lighter and narrower. But some manufacturers offer you the best units regardless, and you may be unable to tell the difference.

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What Size Is An RV King Mattress?

An RV king mattress's size differs from a regular one because every vehicle has a maximum weight threshold, measured in the gross trailer weight rating or GTWR. Therefore, every item aboard must align with a certain weight, down to the seemingly minor things like your mattress.

Moreover, there are many types of RV king mattresses, and most retailers would require you to be more specific when shopping for one. Below are some RV king mattresses.

Standard King Mattress

As the name implies, the standard king mattress is the conventional RV king mattress. It measures between 72" by 75" to 72" by 80". And it is sometimes referred to as the full-sized mattress, even though they are not the same.

The standard king mattress is four inches smaller than the regular king-sized unit to fit the weight and haulage specifications.

Texas King Bed

The Texas king bed comfortably sleeps two adults, measuring 80" by 98". It is among the largest RV King mattresses, second to the Wyoming king.

Wyoming King Mattress

The Wyoming king mattress is the second-largest option for RVers. Two to three people can sleep on it, which measures 84" by 84". The length is just perfect for tall or short users.

Alaska King Mattress

This is the largest king bed you would find for an RV. This bed would be an ideal choice when traveling with a group or family.

But of course, you must have a camper that is large enough. The Alaska king mattress measures 144" by 84" wide, enough for six adult sleepers.

California King Mattress

On the other hand, the difference between the standard king and California king mattresses is more apparent. The latter measures 72" by 84", making it longer and slimmer than the former unit.

You can choose any of these specifications for your RV, but you must consider the size of the room and the amount of free space you want.

Camper King Mattress Size?

The size of a king-size camper mattress varies because there are different types. However, the standard measurement you will often get is between 72" by 75" to 72" by 80". You could take things a step further by purchasing the California king mattress for your camper. It is several inches longer than the standard king mattress for an RV.

Before choosing any mattress for your RV, determine the size that will allow room for movement without compromising your quality of sleep. Depending on how large your camper is, a California king mattress may be suitable or not.

RV King Size Bed Dimensions

When you buy a new RV, it comes with a thin, uncomfortable mattress that some people are okay with sleeping on. However, if you have bought a camper, it is likely because you love to travel with style and comfort. And the type of mattress you sleep with not only determines your energy level but also affects how you drive.

In a nutshell, you need a good mattress for your RV. And a king-size unit is often the go-to for beginner and veteran RVers, so what are the available dimensions?

RV Short King

With the RV short king mattress, you are getting a unit that is 72" by 76" in size. It will comfortably accommodate two or three adult sleepers of average height or shorter.

It is the modified version of the RV king mattress, but the short king is narrower and inches shorter, designed to fit into your RV comfortably.

RV King

The RV king mattress is the larger version of the short king and the unit you should go for if you are taller than average. Or you have enough space, at least four inches extra. It measures 76" by 80" in size.

The width is accommodative of a couple of sleepers and or their pets. And this is the go-to specification for RVers who want to enjoy their sleep with enough space for two.

Alaska King

If 144" by 84" does not comfortably accommodate you and at least five other sleepers, nothing else will. This is the largest RV king bed you can buy for your camper. You will install the Alaska king without stress with a vehicle like the Entegra Coach Cornerstone.

Texas King

The Texas king RV mattress is for taller people or with more space in their camper. It is often shaped like a rectangle, measuring 80" by 98".

Like every other "location" mattress, you need more space in one direction for the length. And of course, the massive size is also characteristic. It offers users comfort and luxury; the extra space encourages quality sleep.

Wyoming King

The Wyoming king mattress has an equal width and length. It measures 84" by 84" and is ideal for taller sleepers. It is also comfortable and spacious, another "location" mattress. However, it is for larger campers.

California King

The California king is a long but narrow mattress that measures 72" by 84". It will accommodate a single sleeper or a pair of tall adults.

This is an excellent purchase if your RV is large enough. It ensures enough space to spread out and sleep comfortably on hotter nights.

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RV King Vs. Queen

There are two types of RV king and queen mattresses, respectively. They are short and the regular king or queen mattresses. The one you choose ultimately depends on the amount of money you have, the width of your camper, and the height and number of sleepers.

The RV Queen mattress measures 60" by 75" and comfortably accommodates two adult sleepers. On the other hand, the RV king mattress measures 72" by 80", larger in length and width than the RV Queen unit.

On the other hand, the RV short king measures 72" by 75", five inches shorter than the regular RV king mattress. The RV short Queen also has a shorter length than the RV Queen mattress, measuring 60" by 75".

The difference between an RV king and queen bed is just the size. It may not be more than a few inches, but every RVer knows these numbers mean something.

An RV queen bed may be suitable if you have a smaller RV, but a taller person must choose the RV king mattress. It accommodates two sleepers and pets and leaves some room to spare.

Space is another consideration. You may have to opt for a smaller mattress to have more room to move or carry out other activities.

Final Thoughts

If you do not get quality sleep while exploring with your camper, it may affect your navigational or driving skills.

But the size of the mattress you choose is essential, and you should consider factors like the number and average of sleepers, the size of your camper, and the sleeping positions.

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