The Megalodon RC Car – Specs, Details, and More

megalodon rc car

RC cars are modeled after a lot of things; while some are modeled to look like a full-sized automobile, others are modeled to look like animals. The Megalodon RC car is designed to look like a real Megalodon; Megalodon means big tooth and is a species of mackerel shark that is now extinct.

The Megalodon RC car is one of the RC cars manufactured by Monster Jam; it is a 1:15 scale vehicle and can tackle any terrain, including water. It uses a 2.4 GHz remote transmitter and has a control range of 100 feet. This car weighs 2.4 pounds, is 10 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 11 inches high.

The Megalodon RC car has a water-resistant design and features custom performance tires that enable it to drive from water to land through mud, snow, grass, and rocks. It is one of the most powerful all-terrain RC cars that Monster Truck has manufactured. We will be looking at all the features, details, and specifications of the Megalodon RC car.

megalodon rc car in the wild

How Long Does Megalodon RC Last?

The Megalodon RC car has one of the longest run times of RC cars. Most RC cars have a run time between 10 minutes to 20 minutes, while others last for about 30 minutes. However, the Megalodon RC car will last for about 40 minutes as long as it is fully charged before use.

If it is not fully charged before an operation, you will get a run time of about 25 minutes. The type of battery you are using also determines how long your Megalodon RC car will last. When using a NiMH battery, your RC car will not move as fast as when using a LiPo battery.

The area you are riding in also determines how long your RC car will last. If you are riding in a cramped area, you will not enjoy a long ride with the Megalodon. So, to fully enjoy your ride, you will have to ride in an open space. The activities you engage in with this RC car also determine how long it will last.

When you use the Megalodon RC car for rough activities like off-roading, racing, and mountain climbing, the runtime will not be as long as it should be because those activities take up more battery power. However, when you use it for just simple activities, you will have a longer run time.

This RC car makes a beeping sound when its battery runs out. Once the beeping sound is made, you should immediately stop the operation and charge the vehicle. It is necessary that you switch off the RC car before charging it.

How Fast Is The Megalodon RC Car?

Megalodon RC cars can be used for different activities such as off-roading, mudding, crawling, and even racing. It is one of the few RC cars that, when submerged in water, floats and operates in the water without getting damaged. Its electronics are fully waterproof.

However, unlike other RC cars, the Megalodon RC car is not very fast; it has a top speed of 8 miles per hour. The speed of an RC car is based on its weight, tires, battery type, motor type, and the terrain you are riding on. However, with this RC car, the weight does not affect its speed because it is lightweight but still moves slower than most RC monster trucks.

The tires of this RC car affect how fast it will go. The Megalodon RC car has large tires; hence, they will not move as fast as an RC car with smaller tires. This is because the tire size and speedometer are linked; a large tire will not make your speedometer go faster.

Also, the type of battery you are using for the Megalodon RC car affects its speed. The Megalodon RC car comes with an in-built NiMH battery; it is known that an RC car with a LiPo battery will move faster than that with a NiMH battery. This is because a NiMH battery has a lower energy density and lower efficiency than a LiPo battery.

So, it is okay to say the Megalodon RC car has a low speed because of the battery it uses. The type of motor the Megalodon RC car uses also affects its speed. The Megalodon RC car uses two brushed motors. A brushed motor uses friction to provide power to the vehicle, while a brushless motor reduces the amount of energy lost.

This RC car has a low speed because it uses brushed motors. The last thing that affects how fast your Megalodon RC car speed is the terrain you are riding on. This RC car is suitable for all-terrain use; however, the speed at which it will move on a clear and smooth surface will be faster than that on rocky or muddy terrain.

How Much Is A Megalodon Shark Car?

The price of a Megalodon Shark car differs depending on where you purchase the vehicle. You can purchase an RC Megalodon Shark car from eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and Target. On Amazon, you will get the Megalodon Shark Car for $50; however, you will get it at a lesser price on eBay for $27.

The Megalodon Shark car costs $43 at Walmart and $50 at Target. It is possible that you will get the Megalodon Shark car at an outlet store at a lower price than you will at an online store like Amazon and eBay. However, you can get the RC shark car for $35 at Monster Jam Superstore.

megalodon rc car in water

How Do You Charge A Megalodon Remote Control Car?

The Megalodon Remote Control Car must be fully charged before an operation to enjoy a long running time. To charge the Megalodon Remote Control car, you will first turn it upside down and make sure the power switch is in the off position. Then, remove the cover from the charging cable compartment.

This RC car is USB rechargeable. After removing the cover of the cable compartment, then bring out the USB cable and connect it to either a computer or a wall socket. To show that it is charging, the charging LED light will continually flash. Once the flashing stops and the lights stay still, then it is fully charged.

When charging the Megalodon Remote Control car, you must consistently monitor it and remove it immediately it is full. It is necessary that you are careful not to overcharge your Megalodon Remote Control car. Overcharging will cause damage to the battery, which in turn can affect the vehicle.

After charging is done, make sure you place the cable back in the charging compartment and secure the door. The charging cable must not be affected by water during operation; locking it in the charging compartment after charging keeps it waterproof. The charging time for the Megalodon Remote Control car usually takes about one hour.

One amazing feature of the Megalodon Remote Control car is that when the battery is low, you start to hear a beeping sound coming from the controller and the truck. Once your RC car begins to make that beeping sound, it is time for you to stop the operation and charge the vehicle. In some cases, the beeping sound might be because the remote controller batteries are low and need to be changed.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to RC cars, most of them are suitable for land operation over rocks, puddles, and grasses. However, the Megalodon Remote Control car is one of the few RC cars that can operate in water; this means you can ride the vehicle in your pool. This RC car can be operated anywhere without any damages. It is suitable for both adults and children.

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