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The Best Metal Detecting Shovels [BUYER'S GUIDE]

The Best Metal Detecting Shovels [BUYER'S GUIDE]

Digging is a crucial component of metal detecting; your digging tools and methods define your metal detecting technique. The correct digging instruments and materials will aid you in carrying out your digging approach. Moreover, having the appropriate tool and digging approach will help you find the target.

The best metal detecting shovels are Root Assassin T-Handle Shovel, Hexahedron CKG Sand Scoop, Bond Mini-D LH015 Shovel, Radius Garden Slayer Root Shovel, Iunio Folding Metal Detector Shovel, Bully Gauge Tools Shovel, Anaconda Pro Detector Shovel, Seymour SV-DT35 Shovel, and Young-do Shovel. 

As someone into metal detecting, using the right tools is important in completing your task. A metal detecting shovel is among the important and useful tools needed for metal detecting as you will mostly need to dig the ground during your expenditure.

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Metal Detector Shovel

The research instrument is a metal detecting shovel, without which you would not be able to enjoy the activity fully. Shovels are useful for recovering targets quickly; it is also useful for those who do not want to come in contact with dirt. There are several features to consider when choosing a metal detector shovel.

When it comes to choosing the correct shovel, your height is one of the most significant factors. Ideally, you should choose a shovel that is the same height as you. It is also crucial to have a stronghold on the handle. It will make excavation faster and easier and reduce the likelihood of causing damage to the soil.

It is risky to have a shovel that keeps slipping from your grasp. The tool will also be easier to carry with you if you have a comfortable, ergonomic handle. You will also need a lightweight shovel if you plan to carry it with you, although diggers are preferable because they can be linked to your belt.

You will need a shovel with blades on both sides if you are left-handed. The blade design will be determined by the terrain you will be covering; for softer terrain, smaller shovels are ideal, and sharpness is not as critical. A longer shovel with considerably sharper edges is the finest option if you will be on tough terrains, hard ground, or rocks.

While the greatest metal detecting digging equipment will eventually function on most terrains, you may have to work much harder to cut through the dirt if you buy something that is not appropriate for the terrain. You will not only be fatigued, but you will also risk damaging the ground.

The material used to construct a shovel impacts its overall quality; anticipate a cheap shovel if the stainless steel is inexpensive. It is best to pay attention to the handle and spade's quality and the materials they are made of. An excellent shovel must be long-lasting and durable; you do not want a bent and rusted shovel after using it for a short time.

Shovels For Metal Detecting

Everyone is entitled to the greatest metal detecting shovel. However, the harsh reality is that most detectorists wind up purchasing subpar shovels, especially with so many substandard versions on the market. Hence, we have provided some of the best shovels for metal detection.

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Root Assassin T-Handle Shovel

The Root Assassin T-Handle Shovel is quite popular and highly recommended for enthusiasts. It has all of the characteristics of a metal detecting shovel. It is a fantastic shovel with a lifetime warranty; do not use it as a lever to force rocks out. The small and pointed blade head is ideal for digging in confined spaces and producing tight plugs.

The sawtooth edges on both sides are designed to cut deeply into the soil and through strong roots. It is a powder-coated solid steel shovel that resists chipping, corrosion, and rust. It is available at a fair price, provides outstanding outcomes, and has an amazing performance.

Bond Mini-D LH015 Shovel

The Bond Mini-D LH015 Shovel is a little shovel that lacks the serrated edges found on most metal detectors. Although it is not entirely made of plastic, it is best to invest up to $20 in a steel-bladed shovel if you want a plastic shovel. This is a standard steel shovel that is sharp and suitable for digging and lifting soil.

The handle on top of this shovel is constructed from plastic; having much plastic in such a tool that will be used and abused has some drawbacks. It is, however, the reason for the low price. It will get the job done thanks to the steel shovel head as it meets the portability requirements, size, and weight the user requires.

Iunio Folding Metal Detector Shovel

The Iunio Folding Metal Detector Shovel is multi-purpose equipment and is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hunting and fishing and metal detectorists. In the event of a zombie invasion, this will undoubtedly be the item you carry on you without hesitation. One of the greatest foldable shovels is the Iunio shovel, with a length of 31 inches.

It may be modified to the user's height and transported in a customized case linked to the user's belt. The shovel may easily be folded and carried in a bag; the handle and blade are composed of durable and wear-resistant steel.

Anaconda Pro Detector Shovel

The Anaconda Pro Detector Shovel is 9 inches long, big, and strong; it is great for chopping roots. The blades on the edges are designed to cut through roots; when excavating holes, its superior welds can withstand great pressure. It also features large non-slip footpegs and a two-sided bottle opener.

The heat treatment on this shovel ensures that you can use it for many years. It is simple to use and keeps your back straight; it also fits in a standard shovel holster thanks to its 5.5 inches handle width.

Metal Detecting Digging Tools

Aside from a shovel, there are several other metal detecting tools you can get. You can use a spade, a digger, and a trowel. Although they might not be as effective and fast, these tools are just as excellent for digging as a shovel. Below are some metal digging tools you can get.

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Garrett Edge Digger

The Garrett Edge Digger is a compact, small, and convenient digger with a sheath for belt mounting. This makes it ideal for metal detecting because it is lightweight and portable; it is made of high-quality stainless steel and is long-lasting. It has a firm grip, and the chopped teeth easily cut through the ground.

It is wonderful for grassy plug trimming but works well in harder terrain, and Garrett backs it up with a two-year warranty. Look no farther than the Garrett Edge Digger for an excellent digging tool for metal detecting.

Lesche Standard Sod Cutter and Digging Tool

Every metal detecting enthusiast aspires to own a digger similar to the Lesche Standard Sod Cutter. It is not a digger's tool but rather a knife; it beautifully cuts through the Japanese grounds. It has a side constructed as saw teeth, and the other is sharpened; hence it provides greater benefits.

The subsurface roots might easily be damaged if they come while excavating, so you will also receive a sheath, which will let you carry the blade. This knife is not ideal for either the right or left hand; it all depends on your cuts.

Final Thoughts

It must be said that picking a favorite or a single metal detecting shovel that is excellent for the job can be very difficult. This is because every piece of ground is unique, and we, as detectorists, have our tastes and requirements. You will have to figure out what you need and what you would like to accomplish. You will also need to figure out how much you are willing or able to invest in your activity.

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