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RC Sprint Car: Kits, 1/10 & 1/4 Scale, and More

RC Sprint Car: Kits, 1/10 & 1/4 Scale, and More

There are different RC cars categories; RC racing cars, RC drift cars, RC rock crawlers, and RC sprint cars. Each RC car in different categories is used for different purposes; RC racing cars are used for racing, drift cars are used for drifting, rock crawlers are used for off-roading, and sprint cars are used for sprinting. In this article, we will be discussing RC sprint cars.

RC sprint cars and kits include RJ Speed 1/10 Electric Outlaw 2WD Sprint Car Kit, RJ SPEED 2031 1/10 Speedway Sprint Car Kit Less Electrics, Custom Works Enforcer 7 Direct Drive 1/10 Electric Sprint Car Dirt Oval Kit, Team Associated Brushless Dirt Car, and Schylling Sprint Race Car

There are several scales of RC cars; these scale sizes determine the size of the RC car. RC cars also have different speeds; a racing car will have a higher speed than a rock crawler, and a sprint car will move faster than a drift car.

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What Is An RC Sprint Car

An RC sprint car is a remote-controlled high-powered open-wheel race car; it is specially designed for racing on short oval or paved or circular dirt tracks. Sprint racing is very popular in not only RC cars but full-sized automobiles as well. Most RC sprint cars are winged, but there are also wingless RC sprint cars. Below are some of the RC sprint cars you can get.

Losi Mini RC Sprint RTR Car

Losi Mini RC Sprint RTR Car is one of the best RC sprint cars you can get; it is a 1/18 scale sized car that comes ready to run. It features an easy-access bottom loading battery door; hence, it is very easy to install the battery and remove it without causing damage to the chassis. All you have to do is open the battery door, fix your battery and close it up.

The chassis of this sprint car is very strong and designed to withstand any terrain. It has a balanced mid-motor mount design and is compatible with NiMH and LiPo batteries. This RC car has a very realistic design that makes you think it is a real sprint car. Its power button is easily accessible, and it uses a powerful 280 sized motor that provides it with enough acceleration to win a race.

This RC sprint car features a 4-wheel independent suspension with oil-filled and coil-over shocks that allows easy handling on rough and smooth terrains. It uses 2.5mm threaded turnbuckles and has a realistic roll cage. It comes with a Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM receiver, a wall charger, and 7.2V 1100mAh NiMH battery.

Schylling Sprint Race Car

Schylling Sprint Race Car is another RC sprint car you can get; it is 9 inches long, 4.19 inches wide, and 4.19 inches high. It weighs 0.75 pounds and is made from ABS plastic. This car is excellent for sprint racing and is of high quality. It uses rubber wheels and is fully loaded with all metal features. It also has a very strong chassis and features LED front lights.

It also features chrome-plated bumpers that prevent the vehicle from feeling the impact of objects during a collision. The bumpers are what prevent the vehicle from smashing and crashing. This RC sprint car has vintage styling and design that gives it a stylish and realistic look. It also comes with a toy driver in the driving seat.

The Schylling Sprint Race Car comes with a key and uses functional wheels. It is made in China and is not suitable for children below age 5. Although this RC sprint car looks like a toy, it is a very powerful sprint car and can be used when participating in sprint races and other events requiring an RC sprint car. You can get this RC car for $24.80 on Amazon and $34.99 at Schylling online store.

RC Sprint Car Kits

RC cars have different types of kits; assembly kits, ready-to-run kits, and almost ready-to-run kits. An assembly kit refers to a kit filled with different parts of an RC car that will be assembled and built to get the RC car. A ready-to-run kit refers to a fully assembled RC car, while an almost ready-to-run kit is when an RC car comes assembled but with some missing parts that will need to be purchased separately. Let us look at some of the RC sprint car kits.

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RJ Speed 1/10 Electric Sprint Car Kit

RJ Speed 1/10 Electric Sprint Car Kit comes with motor, differential gear, adjustable ball differential, mounted and trued spec foam tires, steering linkage, and spring front suspension. It also features a full molded roll cage and a composite fiberglass 10 inches wheelbase ladder-style chassis.

This RC car weighs 5.2 pounds, is 15.5 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 9.8 inches high. It is suitable for both children and adults; however, children below age 14 should not handle this kit. It comes with nerf bars, a front and rear wing kit, and a molded 4 piece Lexan sprint cat body. It has strong and durable tires; the chassis is equipped for all-terrain operation.

Custom Works Enforcer 7 Electric Sprint Car Kit

This RC sprint car kit provides several parts and tools for an optimized, high-quality RC sprint car. It comes with titanium turnbuckles, patented rear adjustable a-arms, shock towers, carbon fiber chassis, aluminum suspension mounts, and ceramic differential balls. It is one of the best sprint RC car kits that is fully equipped with all resources needed.

It also has molded lower front bumpers, a high strength cage, Knoxville sprint car body kit, and a 6×6 vortex wing and front wing kit. However, it does not come with the pinion gear, tires and wheels, a brushless motor, and a LiPo battery. All these will have to be separately purchased.

1/10 Scale RC Sprint Car

RC cars have several scale sizes; the scale size determines how big or small the vehicle will be. A 1/10 scale or 1:10 scale RC sprint car refers to an RC sprint car that is ten times smaller than the full-sized automobile it was modeled after.

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Team Associated Brushless Car

Team Associated Brushless Car is a 1/10 scale RC car that comes RTR (ready-to-run). It uses a 3300KV brushless motor and features a powerful brushless ESC that is also resistant to water. It comes with an in-built digital gyro (adjustable) and a 2.4 GHz radio system (2-channel).

This RC car is equipped with high-grip street stock-inspired treaded tires and lightweight wheels that make it a good vehicle for sprint racing. It also comes with 12mm shock absorbers, making it easy to control when operating on uneven terrain. It is compatible with LiPo and NiMH batteries.

1/4 Scale RC Sprint Car

Presently, there are no 1/4 scale RC sprint cars developed by any RC vehicle manufacturing company. Although, some people have made efforts to build 1/4 scale RC sprint cars.

How Fast Do RC Sprint Cars Go?

RC sprint cars are used for sprinting; when in a sprint race, your RC car has to be very fast, even faster than when in a regular racing competition. Sprinting is usually faster than racing; so, most RC sprint cars are very fast and have a high top speed. The average speed of an RC sprint car is between 15 mph and 80 mph.

Final Thoughts

RC car sprinting is one of the common RC car activities that RC enthusiasts engage in. However, there are not several ready-to-run RC sprint cars that you can get; most of them are sprint car kits. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy sprinting with these kits once assembled.

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