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What Is The Fastest Traxxas Motor? Is It Worth It?

What Is The Fastest Traxxas Motor? Is It Worth It?

One of the top RC car manufacturing companies is Traxxas; however, they do not manufacture RC vehicles alone but also tires for remote-controlled car, motors, and other accessories. Most of the fastest RC cars are produced by Traxxas, and for a car to be fast, it must have a fast motor. So, we will look at the fastest Traxxas motor.

The fastest Traxxas motor is the Velineon 3500 4-Pole Motor. The Velineon 3500 4-Pole Motor is a brushless motor and one of the best motors for an RC car. Getting this brushless motor for your RC car is worth it as it will make your car faster than it used to be.

There are some RC cars with great features, but they are slow. If you own a car in this category, the best choice is to purchase a faster motor.

What Is The Fastest Traxxas Motor?

Every RC car has a motor which is of two different types; brushed and brushless. The motor is what controls the vehicle when it receives radio waves from the controller. A brushed motor has a brush, while a brushless motor does not. Traxxas is one of the RC manufacturing companies that produce RC vehicles and RC motors.

Traxxas Venileon motor

Velineon 3500 4-Pole Brushless Motor

The fastest Traxxas Motor is the Velineon 3500 4-Pole brushless motor. It weighs 0.33 pounds, has a height of 5 inches, a width of 12 inches, and a length of 12 inches. This brushless motor is assembled with gold-plated bullet connectors and 12-gauge wires. The Velineon 3500 4-Pole brushless motor has a top speed of more than 35 mph.

It uses ball bearings of high-speed, ultra-high Neodymium magnets and a rotor with precision balance for power and long life. Because the Velineon 3500 4-Pole brushless motor has no brushes that can wear out, you do not need to worry about any high maintenance.

This Traxxas motor is made from high-quality materials; hence they are long-lasting. It has a sensor-less design and uses sophisticated circuitry to enable precise control and smooth starts. When using this brushless motor, there is no need for extra sensors or wiring.

The lack of a commutator or brushes which cause friction allows the Velineon 3500 4-Pole brushless motor to run faster than other motors. Its precision-balanced rotor has a protective end cap. This Traxxas brushless motor is also waterproof. It is used in RC cars like Bandit VXL, Stampede VXL 2WD, Slash 4X4, Rustler VXL, and Stampede 4X4 VXL.

What Is The Fastest Traxxas Engine?

The engine of an RC car is one of the most important components of the vehicle. Without the engine, the vehicle will not function at all. RC cars use different types of engines; however, we will look at the fastest Traxxas engine.

Traxxas-nitro engine

Traxxas 3.3 Engine IPS Shaft

The Traxxas 3.3 engine is the fastest Traxxas engine. This engine is not only fast but powerful as well. It offers thoroughbred race engine performance and is equipped with a start-push button. The piston of this engine is manufactured from proprietary materials that extend the engine life and reduce wear.

It has an IPS crankshaft designed with a port flow and dyno-proven timing that allows the engine to access the fuel. This engine is equipped with a slide carburetor that improves throttle response and provides straight-through airflow for more power.

It also uses a crankcase that boosts power output. The engine's precision casting provides the strength needed for its high-power output, while the external dimension allows it to fit anywhere it is installed. This Traxxas engine only uses ultra-high performance, top-grade, large diameter ball bearings.

Is The Traxxas XO 1 Worth It?

The Traxxas XO 1 is the fastest RC car, with a top speed of 100 mph. This RC car is quite stylish, can move from 0 to 60 mph in 2 seconds and 0 to 100 mph in 5 seconds. It uses a brushless electric motor that is referred to as the Big Block. It's electric motor spins for 40,000 revolutions per minute and generates 3.5 horsepower.

The height of the Traxxas XO 1 is 5 inches, its length is 27 inches, and its width is 11.81 inches, and the center ground clearance is 0.59 inches. This vehicle is high-tech, well-built, and worth every penny. It is recommended for individuals aged 16 and above.

It is equipped with a Traxxas line wireless module that you can connect to your mobile devices to operate the vehicle. The Traxxas XO 1 is powered by two 3S 5000mAh LiPo battery packs and uses a 2.4GHz radio system. It features a robust shaft-driven AWD system that has a reinforced steel-gear differential.

You can easily control the Traxxas XO 1 while riding on snow, dusty asphalt, ice, smooth concrete, and loose dirt with the help of the Traxxas Stability Management featured in the RC car. You can also fine-tune the stability management to suit the type of terrain you are riding on.

The Traxxas Stability Management senses the vehicle's direction and makes steering corrections to provide full-throttle acceleration without losing control, spinouts, and fishtailing. The RC car operates with the help of the Traxxas Link application, which offers a dashboard where you can see the vehicle's RMP, temperature, speed, and battery voltage.

This RC car is usually referred to as the supercar of all RC vehicles. It has a shaft-driven all-wheel drive, a voltage telemetry system, hard-anodized GTR shocks, shock-absorbing Cush drive, and steel splined dual-CV driveshafts.

The lightning-quick steering response and AWD traction of the Traxxas XO 1 make it stand out among other RC cars. It has belted, slick tires that keep it glued to the ground while riding. This car accelerates faster, brakes harder, corners faster, and stays in control.

What Is The Best Traxxas Motor?

Generally, the best RC motor to get is the brushless motor, as it works more efficiently and generates less noise than the brushed motor. To know which RC motor is best depends mainly on these two factors; the motor size and the speed of the motor.

Most RC motor manufacturers use a naming scheme of four digits. The first two digits are the diameter of the stator, while the last two digits are the height.

Traxxas vxl venileo brushless motor

Traxxas 3350R Velineon Brushless Motor

This Traxxas motor is the best and has great power output. The system optimization of this Traxxas motor provides its extreme power output. The parts are designed to work efficiently, from the powerful 3500 brushless motors to the high-current battery connector utilized by Traxxas.

All the parts of this motor are engineered to allow maximum power flow and eliminate restriction. It uses a precision-balanced rotor, high-speed ball bearings, and ultra-high neodymium magnets, which give the brushless motor high power, long life, and high efficiency.

The Traxxas 3350R Velineon Brushless Motor provides more power than other RC motors; there is little friction due to the ball bearings, and they also provide a cooler temperature. With the high efficiency of this motor, you can drive more and wait for less for your vehicle to cool.

This RC motor can operate in mud, rain, snow, and puddles; it is equipped with waterproof features. The Traxxas 3350R Velineon Brushless Motor has three different drive profiles: sports mode, training mode, and race mode. It also has a large heat sink and uses either LiPo, NiCad, or NiMH batteries.

Final Thoughts

What makes an RC car unstoppable? The answer is how good the motor and engine are. These two parts are the major determinant of a remote-controlled car's speed, strength, and durability. Regardless of the RC activity you want to participate in; you need a good engine and motor.