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Where To Ride An ATV Near Me: Top Locations For ATV Trails

Where To Ride An ATV Near Me: Top Locations For ATV Trails

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced ATV rider, you want to look for a challenging new spot to test your ATV skills. Regardless of where you are, you can always find a good trail for you.

two people ride ATVs up a small hill

Georgia, Ontario, and Pennsylvania are great places to find incredible locations for ATV riding. These sites have great scenic getaways for family and friends or can be a challenging new spot to test your skills. These states have trails with different levels of difficulty, from beginner to more advanced.

Where Can I Ride My ATV In Georgia?

ATV Riding

While ATVs have four wheels, they are designed for off-road use and usually don't meet federal safety guidelines. Due to this, the state created laws to limit their usage to help protect the public from accidents. Not abiding by these laws will result in steep fines and potentially jail time depending on the offense.

ATV Operation

The state of Georgia does not specify a minimum age at which youth may operate an ATV on state property or private property. However, suppose an ATV operates on forest roads or public roads. In that case, the rider must comply with all motor vehicle laws and regulations, including having a license and be 16 years of age or older.

TOP ATV Riding Trails In Georgia

Beasley Knob Trail

paved road to Spruce Knob lake

It is a complicated and steep trail system in the North Georgia Mountains. Therefore, they don't recommend this for inexperienced riders.

Permit or Pass: 1-Day Pass: $5/operator/day or OHV Annual Pass: $50/operator/year

Level of difficulty: High Difficulty

Distance: 13.4 miles


Durhamtown trail riding park

It is a privately owned riding area with about 90 miles of trails, including a single track for dirt and mountain bikes. The site includes rentals, pro-shop, lodging, and restaurants.

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Distance: 15.9 miles

Davenport Mountain OHV Trails

Panoramic view over Shark Fin Cove Davenport

Located in North Georgia, it is a short but scenic ride. The trail is very easy but slippery when wet.

Permit or Pass: 1-Day Pass: $5/operator/day or OHV Annual Pass: $50/operator/year

Level of difficulty: Beginner to More Difficult

Distance: 5.9 miles

Highland Park Resort

screenshot from highland park resort

It is a riding area for both ATVs and dirt bikes. It is also privately owned. This resort's location is in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains, with lots of steep trails.

Level of difficulty: Beginner to Expert

Distance: 90 miles (41 one-way trails)

Where Can I Ride My ATV In Ontario?

ATV Riding

Let's focus on the top-ranked ATV Trail destinations in Ontario.

With trails of thousands of kilometers and more being added each year, there is no doubt Ontario is renowned as an ATV area.

ATV In Ontario: Policies And Regulations

Each municipality and trail have their own rules, policies, and regulations. However, it is always safe to follow the Golden Rule: "Know Before You Go."

Check the regulations with your local club to see what permits you require. Also, make sure you're familiar with the local by-laws regarding ATVs on crown land and roads.

Top Places For ATV Riding In Ontario

Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System

screenshot ontario trail

The Town of Mattawa of Northeastern Ontario and surrounding towns have ATV-related laws to allow riders to pass on local roads, from their accommodations to the trailhead.

The trail system settles between two small mountain ranges, the Laurentian Mountains and the Algonquin Highlands, and has the Ottawa and Mattawa Rivers on the border. The trail offers a range of difficulty levels, from easy trails through cool valleys and majestic pines with clear rivers and lakes to challenging wet, muddy areas and rock climbs.

The addition of VMUTS, the Ontario Federation of ATV clubs, allows you access to the trail systems of the 16 OFATV clubs —that's thousands of kilometers of trails across Ontario.

Permit or Pass: VMUTS or OFATV

Level of difficulty: Beginner to Advanced

Distance: 186 miles

Park To Park Trail

screenshot park to park trail site

In the Explorer's Edge/Parry Sound Georgian Bay area, the main system is the trail system of Park-to-Park multi-use. This route goes from Killbear to Algonquin Park. It is in a natural paradise of forests, lakes, beaches, and the Canadian Shield's 2.5 billion-year-old granite.

Pass or Permit: OnePass (EOTA or Park to Park)

Distance: 143 miles

Seguin Trail

Seguin Trail ontario canada

The Park to Park trail network is the best-known section. This trail section stretches from west of Highway 400 to the Wall's Junction, where the trail divides. This trail section is one of the more adventurous segments, with rough, dirt surfacing and occasional puddles.

Pass or Permit: OnePass (EOTA or Park to Park)

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Distance: 50 miles

Old Bethune Trail

Old Bethune Trail

This part is the continuation of the Seguin Trail after the Walls Split. Passing under Highway 11 and traveling through the town of Kearney to the Algonquin Park boundary, this section has many trail types, from retired rail bed, dirt and road track. The Old Bethune Trail shares with the Algonquin West ATV Club. Currently, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources manages this trail section.

Pass or Permit: OnePass (EOTA or Park to Park)

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Distance: More than 124 miles in different sections

Where Can I Ride My ATV In Pennsylvania?

ATV Riding

Pennsylvania has 777 miles for ATV riders to enjoy. In addition, people can find plenty of designated ATV trails within Pennsylvania forests.

ATV trails on state forest lands open from the Friday before Memorial Day through the last weekend in September.

ATV riding is only allowed on designated trails in PA state forests. Therefore, state parks, state forest roads, and state game lands are not open to ATV riding.

ATV Riding In Pennsylvania: Policies And Regulations

DCNR revised its internal policy regarding ATV trails on state forest lands to respond to increasing demands for riding opportunities. In addition to local and county government interest in growing recreational tourism, along with legislative action.

ATV Riding In Pennsylvania: Youth

No kid under eight years of age is permitted to operate an ATV on any state-owned property.

To ride on lands other than their guardian's or parent's property, riders ages 8 to 15 must complete an ATV safety training course and receive an ATV training certificate.

ATV Riding In Pennsylvania: People With Disabilities

DCNR allows people with disabilities to operate ATVs in designated areas of state forest land. They would need an approved letter of authorization from DCNR. Most of these areas are open year-round.

Suppose someone wants to hunt from his or her ATV. In that case, the person needs a permit to hunt from a vehicle and a valid hunting license from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Top Places For ATV Riding In Pennsylvania

Allegheny National Forest

Allegheny National Forest

It is federally operated and has more than 100 miles of ATV trails. Riding the Allegheny National Forest ATV trail system requires ATV permits.

Pass or Permit: Annual permit is 35 dollars

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Distance: More than 100 miles

These trails are part of the Allegheny National Forest:

  • The Marienville ATV/Bike Trail on State Route 66 east of the town of Marienville

Level of difficulty: Difficult

Distance: 23.3 miles

  • You can access the Timberline ATV Trail from State Route 948, north of Ridgway (it also connects to the Marienville ATV Trail)

Level of difficulty: Difficult

Distance: 39 miles of interconnecting trails

  • The Rocky Gap ATV Trail is accessed from Township Road 3005, southeast of Warren.

Level of difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Distance: 23.1 miles divided into two loops

  • The Willow Creek ATV Trail is on the eastern side of the Allegheny Reservoir, south of the New York State line. It is closed during the winter season.

Level of difficulty: More Difficult

Distance: 10 miles

Ten Best ATV Trails In The United States

For those of you riding for years, or newbies, or those who want to enjoy some new terrain, check out this list of the ten best places to ride your ATV in the United States.

  • Kipu Ranch, Kauai, Hawaii
  • The Mojave Desert, California City to Ridgecrest, California
  • Hidden Falls Adventure Park, Marble Falls, Texas
  • Iron County, Wisconsin
  • Upper Peninsula, Michigan
  • Moro Plantation, Northern Maine
  • Hatfield-McCoy Trail, Welch-Logan-Danville, West Virginia
  • Moab, Utah
  • Capital Forest, Western Washington
  • Imperial Sand Dunes, Brawley, California


Next time, when riding an ATV, remember: don't trespass, ride safe, stay on the trails, and remember to have fun!

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