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ATV Jack: Options To Consider & Best Ones To Buy

ATV Jack: Options To Consider & Best Ones To Buy

It is not strange to make replacements and repairs on your vehicle; these are normal. It is always best to have at least some of the essential tools. One of the must-have tools for an ATV is a jack, and you cannot use the jack of any vehicle for an ATV. There are ATV jacks, and you must only use them.

When choosing an ATV jack, ground clearance is an important factor to consider. The best ATV jacks to buy are Big Red Torin Lift Jack, Vivohome Steel ATV Jack, Pit Posse ATV Jack, Bilt Hard Low-Profile ATV Jack, Liftmaster Wide Deck Scissor Jack, Dragway Tools ATV Jack, and Extreme Max ATV Jack. 

You might probably wonder why you cannot use your regular car jack for your ATV because your regular vehicle is designed differently from an ATV. An ATV jack uses a wide lifting platform to support the ATV's chassis gently.

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Best ATV Jack To Buy

When changing the chains, brake components, or tires of an ATV, you will require a jack to raise the vehicle. Once your ATV is raised, you have easy access to the bottom of the vehicle making your work easier and faster. There are several types and brands of ATV jack; however, we will be looking at the best ATV jack to buy.

Big Red Torin Lift Jack

The Big Red Torin Lift Jack is very versatile; it can be used for ATVs, UTVs, or motorcycles. It is affordable and has a maximum payload capacity of 1500 pounds which is more than most ATV jacks. One important feature of this jack is that it is safe and features 6 locking positions.

This ATV jack is also portable and has 2 swivel casters that you can lock in place to secure your ATV during usage further. The body part of this jack is powder-coated, so it has increased durability and is resistant to stains, wear, and tear. This jack can also serve as storage equipment for your ATV.

The Big Red Torin Lift Jack can lift its load to a maximum height of 16.125 inches, which is impressive. It comes with a pulling bar and a bottle jack; it is a perfect jack designed for enthusiasts who need a tool to lift their ATV during maintenance and repair periods.

Vivohome Steel ATV Jack

The Vivohome Steel ATV Jack is one of the best ATV jacks to get as it is high quality and made with a solid metal body. It features a non-slip rubber carry pad that makes it an excellent choice for raising your ATV without causing any damage. This jack is designed to have a swivel caster that makes it easy to stow and move.

Regardless of the size of this jack, it has a payload capacity of 1500 pounds and an easy lifting mechanism, so servicing your ATV will be easier for you. With this ATV jack, you do not have to worry about your vehicle slipping off as it has a 3-position security lock mechanism, so there is no fear during usage.

You can operate the Vivohome Steel ATV Jack manually or automatically. To operate this jack manually, you will use the foot pedal while automatically connecting it to a compressed airline and using a pneumatic carry cylinder. This ATV jack comes with two adapter bars and two tie-down straps.

Pit Posse ATV Jack

The Pit Posse ATV Jack is unique as it comes with hydraulic scissors, so you do not require a crank or wrench to operate it. This jack provides extra power with its configuration and is made of thick metal, making it durable and strong. It has a steel frame and safety loops that secure your ATV during usage.

It also comes with rubber pads that help protect your vehicle; it prevents chipping and scratches during operation. To operate this ATV jack, you will need to press the foot pedal, and the jack will move your vehicle up. This jack can lift its load to a maximum height of 36 inches, allowing you to work in perfect condition.

The maximum load capacity of Pit Posse ATV Jack is 300 pounds as it can accommodate any ATV regardless of the weight and size. You can easily lift and lower the jack stand as it features a hydraulic system and foot pedals. It also comes with caster wheels that make it easy to transport.

Dragway Tools ATV Jack

The Dragway Tools ATV Jack is the best jack for you when you need to make some repairs on your ATV; it will do the heavy lifting for you. This jack is very easy to operate, convenient, and versatile; it also comes with a rubber mat. It has a weight limit of 1100 pounds, making it an ideal tool for lifting an ATV.

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The rubber mat of this ATV jack is located on the lifting platform; it helps grip the bottom of the vehicle, prevents slipping, protects your ATV from scratches, and increases stability during operation. One of the reasons this ATV jack is considered one of the best is its durability, outstanding versatility, and quality of craftsmanship.

This ATV jack can lift its load up to the height of 13.25 inches, making it convenient for the user to perform the repairs required. You can use this jack anywhere, be it a garage, a shop, or a track. However, you will; have to get the required wrench needed to operate it.

Liftmaster Wide Deck Scissor Jack

The Liftmaster Wide Deck Scissor Jack is one of the best and most affordable ATV jacks. It has a maximum weight limit of 1100 pounds and can accommodate any size ATV; it also comes with 2 screw adapters that allow you to change the height to the length you need. The maximum height of this jack is 15.75 inches.

This ATV jack comes with a safety pin that keeps the jack lock in place in six different positions to avoid accidents or your ATV slipping and falling. You will need a crank system to operate this jack which is better than a frill-operated jack. With the Liftmaster Wide Deck Scissor Jack, you will have a smooth operation with your ATV.

You can use the Liftmaster Wide Deck Scissor Jack in any location, be it a shop, track, or garage. This ATV jack is 19.66 inches long, 14.14 inches wide, 4.57 inches high, and weighs 29.2 pounds. Its dimension allows it to lift ATVs, UTVs, and motorcycles.

Extreme Max ATV Jack

The Extreme Max ATV Jack is an excellent choice for users who do not want to use a crank-operated jack. This jack is a hydraulic model with a payload capacity of 1700 pounds; it can lift your heavy ATV without issues. It is controlled by the foot pedal installed on its body parts.

The lifting range of this jack is from 4.5 inches to 14.5 inches so you can use it for any size of ATV. It comes with caster wheels to move it around; this feature makes the jack a portable tool. This jack comes with rubber saddle pads that act as protective gear for your ATV by protecting it from scratches.

Final Thoughts

ATV jacks are necessities that every ATV owner should have; this tool is paramount when making repairs in an ATV. When buying an ATV jack, you should look out for your budget, the features of the jack, the brand, and the reviews on that jack. Searching for these qualities and factors might be a hassle, but you are good to go as long as you know the best.

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