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Best ATV Seat Covers – Top Models Reviewed and Compared

Best ATV Seat Covers – Top Models Reviewed and Compared

An ATV seat is often subjected to a great deal of wear and tear due to exposure to the sun, water, and other factors. Vinyl tearing and cracking are normal, especially as the ATV gets older, necessitating reupholstering. As a result, one of the ways to protect your ATV's seat from wear and tear is to get an ATV seat cover.

The best ATV seat covers are Coleman ATV Seat Protector, Kolpin ATV Seat Cover, Classic Deluxe Accessories ATV Seat Protector, Classic Camo Accessories ATV Seat Cover, Kemimoto ATV Seat Cover, Motoba Leather Seat Cover, Neutron Gripper ATV Seat Cover, and Motoseat Standard ATV Seat Cover.

Purchasing an ATV seat cover is important; however, several types of ATV seat covers are on the market. Getting one of high-quality and suitable for your ATV might be a little difficult, but you will get all the information you need with this article.

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Four Wheeler Seat Cover

As an ATV owner, you may feel like you can go wherever you want. These incredible vehicles allow us to travel in ways we have never been able to before and to see places we would not otherwise be able to visit. Thanks to their outstanding and diversified character, ATVs may also be more or less adjusted and customized in any way you choose.

One of the most important accessories for ATVs is a seat cover; while it may appear to be a simple task, purchasing seat coverings is more difficult than one might think. With so many options and things to consider, it is easy to pick the wrong seat cover but very difficult to pick the right one.

However, with the right guide, you will know which to purchase. As a result, if you are like most people, you will want to avoid wasting money by purchasing the incorrect ATV seat cover. Before purchasing an ATV seat cover, there are some things that you should look out for.

When examining the numerous possibilities for ATV seat covers, you should first consider the material they are constructed of. Many of us buy seat coverings that will heat because of the material. The material is important since it should provide more grip when you sit down in the seat.

If you want to buy a nice ATV seat cover, you should test the material out first. Read about the materials used to make it, and then go online to see what other people say about this type of seat cover. It is best to get a seat cover with UV wear and tear resistance.

If you plan to perform any serious off-roading with your ATV, it is also good to ensure the seat cover is waterproof. Crossing rivers and splashing through puddles can completely submerge your ATV, but that is what they are designed for. Ensure the seat cover is designed for it as well.

Another consideration while shopping for a seat cover is the overall durability of the seat. Look for one that provides all-around stability; do not look at only the main area but also the sides. Also, always keep an eye out for the general fit of the seat cover. Please make sure you check for the size and double-check that they match the total size of your ATV's seat.

When it comes to the UV damage an ATV seat cover can sustain, we recommend paying particular attention to the seat's finish. Some appear great right now, but they can start to look cracked, weary, and damaged with a little UV exposure. So, rather than purchasing any ATV seat cover, make sure you examine the finish.

Quad Seat Cover

There are several quad seat covers on the market, although some are not as good as others. Knowing which to purchase can be a tough decision; however, choosing one will be much easier when you know the best. Below are some quad seat covers on the market.

Coleman ATV Seat Protector

The Coleman ATV Seat Protector is 16 inches long, 9.7 inches wide, 2.7 inches high, and weighs 0.66 pounds. It is made from foamy materials, which provides extra comfort for the rider. This seat protector helps cover the existing tears and rips in your ATV's set, and it also prevents those tears and rips from growing bigger.

It features three quick-release buttons that help you secure the protector to your ATV's seat. The only downside to this seat protector is that it is not waterproof; hence, it is not advisable to ride in wet areas or else your seat will get wet. This ATV seat protector is mostly suitable for desert riding.

Kolpin ATV Seat Cover

The Kolpin ATV Seat Cover is 8.25 inches long, 3.75 inches wide, 3.75 inches high, and weighs 0.6 pounds. It is a great match for smaller and mid-sized ATVs and is made of UV-resistant cloth with a PVC backing for abrasion resistance and waterproofing. With this ATV seat cover, old seats are renewed, and new ones are protected.

This ATV seat cover features easy-to-install sturdy nylon straps that ensure a secure fit. Although this seat cover is manufactured to fit most ATVs, Kolpin does not guarantee vehicle fitment. This ATV seat cover is easy to remove as it features quick-release buckles; it is also affordable.

Kemimoto ATV Seat Cover

The Kemimoto ATV Seat Cover is 14.84 inches long, 12.32 inches wide, 2.76 inches high, and weighs 0.55 pounds. It can be readily adjusted to the size thanks to the adjustable elastic string at the bottom, and it will be firmly attached without worry after your installation.

It is easy to install; put the new one over the old one and fasten it in a short period. You can safeguard your newly purchased ATV seat or give the old one a new look by using this ATV cover. This seat cover has been professionally tested to be dirt proof, water-resistant, scratch-proof, and easy to clean.

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How To Line Up New ATV Seat Covers

Your ATV seat must be in good condition to avoid dirt, as it provides traction to keep you connected to the motorcycle during fast acceleration. The seat cover aims to keep you firmly attached to the bike. However, you must know how to line up new ATV seat covers.

The first thing to do is get your tools, including the newly obtained seat cover, scissors, an old seat, a staple device, and needles. Then, begin by prying the old staples with the screwdriver and removing the old cloth from the seat. After removing what needs to be removed, flip the seat over, and inspect the cushioning.

It is time to put your seat cover in place; adjust the seat till the underside is facing up and staple three staples over each other's cover. Make sure you staple every side of the cover together to keep it from coming off.

You should be able to get the covers to the seat's numerous curves and angled corners. The top surface becomes smooth and wrinkle-free when you walk over any circular tip; after you have finished the bench's back, staple every inch around the bench.

To complete an ATV seat cover installation and replacement, you smoothen out the folds and cut off any excess pieces at the seat's base with your scissors. The job is finished; the newly covered ATV seat can be reinstalled in the machine and tested.

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Final Thoughts

Without a strong and durable seat cover, your ATV seat would not take long to start tearing and ripping. Replacing an ATV seat is more costly than replacing an ATV seat cover. Hence, when purchasing an ATV, you should include a seat cover with your accessories. You can purchase any ATV covers mentioned above if it fits your ATV seat size.

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