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Coleman 4-Wheeler – Best Coleman ATV Models Available

Coleman 4-Wheeler – Best Coleman ATV Models Available

There are several manufacturers of 4-wheelers in the industry, including Polaris, Yamaha, Honda, Coleman, and Can-Am. Each of these manufacturers produces different types of ATVs with different functionalities and features. Some of these drones are more popular and rated than others; however, we will be looking at Coleman 4-wheelers.

Coleman 4-wheelers are among the best; they are sturdy and have incredible features. The best Coleman ATV models available include Coleman 125 EX ATV, Coleman Powersports AT125 ATV, Coleman 169CC 4-Wheeler, Coleman 125cc Quad, Coleman Trail Tamer 360 ATV, and Coleman Powersports CC100X ATV. 

Coleman ATVs are Chinese-made. These 4-wheelers are high-quality and provide high-performance; they come in different sizes and have special features that differentiate them.

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Does Coleman Make A Four-Wheeler?

Coleman is one of the manufacturers of 4-wheelers in China. Hisun Motors Corporation manufactures Coleman 4-wheelers in the United States. This China-based company is ranked sixth on the list of North America's largest 4-wheeler manufacturers. Despite this solid position, the corporation did not begin to make a name for itself in the United States until 2014.

Manufacturing is an everlasting art form for the individuals behind Hisun. The company wants to share its passion for exploration and the outdoors through its goods and practices. Some of the Coleman 4-wheelers are Coleman Powersports AT125 ATV, Coleman 169CC 4-Wheeler, Coleman 125cc Quad, and Coleman Trail Tamer 360 ATV.

Coleman 125cc ATV

Every ATV has different sizes; the size of an ATV is determined by its engine size, which is measured in cubic centimeters. Some of the sizes of ATVs include 50cc, 70cc, 100cc, 125cc, 200cc, 500cc, 700cc, and 1000cc. We will be looking at some Coleman 125cc ATVs.

Coleman Powersports AT125 ATV

The Coleman Powersports AT125 ATV comes equipped with a speed governor, a safety kill switch lanyard, and an electric start to ensure a safe and easy operation. When working in limited spaces or for storage, reverse gear is ideal. The AT125 comes with extra features to make riding more enjoyable for riders aged 14 and up.

A 125cc CDI single-cylinder engine with semi-automatic clutchless system and performance-inspired independent A-arm twin suspension power this 4-wheeler. This ATV is 34.3 inches wide, 43.5 inches long, 35.8 inches high, weighs 292 pounds, and has a ground clearance of 3.2 inches. The fuel tank capacity of this vehicle is 0.6 gallons, and its maximum speed is 25 mph.

Coleman 125cc Quad

The Coleman 125cc Quad is a powerful gas-powered four-wheeler for kids; it is suitable for 14 years and above riders. It is 54 inches long, 34 inches wide, 36 inches high, and has a seat height of 24 inches. With an electronic start, the 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, air-cooled, gas-powered engine on this Coleman 125cc ATV can propel youngsters to 20 mph.

Rear and front hydraulic disc brakes provide additional stopping power. A smoother ride is made possible by dual front A-arm suspension and wide 16-inch tires. A working headlight, brake, and taillight also aid visibility and enable night riding. This ATV incorporates a semi-automatic clutchless system for ease of operation.

Although the Coleman AT125 is more expensive than comparable youth ATVs, it is still a fantastic deal for a gas junior ATV. It features all-around disc brakes and a larger motor, making it perfect for teenagers and tiny adults. Reverse gear is useful for getting out of tight spaces.

Coleman 4-Wheeler Rural King

Rural King is also known as RK Holdings; it is an American farm and home store that seeks to provide the essentials a community requires. They possess over 100 stores in 13 different states in the United States. Rural King sells different accessories, including 4-wheelers and their spare parts; we will be looking at Coleman 4-wheeler rural king.

Coleman 125-EX ATV

The Coleman 125-EX ATV is 59 inches long, 38.5 inches wide, 38.1 inches long, weighs 285 pounds, and has a ground clearance of 4 inches. This ATV is powered by a 120cc OHV, 1-cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine; its maximum payload is 95 pounds, and its fuel capacity is 0.58 gallons. It uses a disc brake and has a wheelbase of 38.5 inches.

This drone is suitable for children above ten years old; it uses a centrifugal clutch and a chain drive. The top speed of this vehicle is 25 mph, and it uses an electric start; it comes with low-pressure over-sized off-road tires that ensure you have a stable and soft ride. It also comes with heavy-duty rear and front suspension, making it suitable for trail riding.

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Coleman 169cc AT200 ATV

The Coleman 169cc AT200 ATV is a feature-rich piece of equipment built to get the work done while also providing the thrill and adventure you are looking for. The most obvious features of this vehicle are its projector-beam headlights, which have a strobe setting and are surrounded by a dazzling halo of the LED light.

The rider can see RPMs, temperature, current speed, and gear on the cutting-edge digital readout. In addition, the running hour-meter has its display; this ATV is 73 inches long, 42 inches wide, 44 inches high, and weighs 386 pounds. This vehicle is powered by a 4-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine with 8.8 horsepower.

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Best Coleman ATV Models

Coleman ATVs possess all the features an enthusiast desires in an ATV. These features include a strong chassis, good suspension, spring system, torque, towing capacity, and differential lock. We will be looking at the best Coleman ATV Models available that you can get.

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Coleman Trail Tamer 360 ATV

The Coleman Trail Tamer 360 ATV is designed for a demanding job; you can easily take on the hardest jobs and the trails. They are pre-installed with all of the functions you need to work on the farm, hunt, or trail riding. This ATV uses a 393cc four-stroke engine with a single overhead cam that generates plenty of power.

Four-wheel drive on-demand with independent front and solid-rear shaft-driven axles can tow up to 1,212 pounds. The automatic CVT transmission effortlessly shifts you forward and backward. The dual A-arm front suspension and the single-shock rear suspension keep the ride smooth on rocky terrain.

Hydraulic disc brakes with dual front and single rear vents stop you in a flash. Your gear is securely held in place by heavy-duty metal racks and frames. The tires of this ATV are very sturdy and firm, so they allow you to have a smooth and steady ride during an operation. You can purchase this article for $5000.

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Coleman Powersport Youth 125cc ATV

The Coleman Powersport Youth 125cc ATV is a fantastic machine for the kid in your life. It includes the most up-to-date safety features, such as a safety lanyard and a remote kill switch. Adopting forward, neutral, and reverse with an automated CVT Transmission is simple and convenient for new riders.

This youth ATV will provide hours of fun and excitement for the entire family. The AT125-EXC is designed for riders aged 10 and up; it is 53.5 inches long, 34 inches wide, 36 inches high, and weighs 265 pounds. This ATV features rugged off-road tires, dual front A-arm suspension, headlights, and CDI ignition.

The Coleman Powersport Youth 125cc ATV comes with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes and adjustable preload shock. It uses a powerful 125cc 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine that provides energy and torque for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Final Thoughts

A fantastic way to have fun is by riding a 4-wheeler; you enjoy these rides more with other people. However, you will need to have a good ATV to have a good ride, as the type of ATV you use affects how well your ride will go. Coleman 4-Wheelers is one of the good brands of ATVs that you can get.

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