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How To Get A Drone License In California [DO YOU NEED ONE?]

How To Get A Drone License In California [DO YOU NEED ONE?]

As a rookie drone pilot, you should be informed of the regulations and laws in the locations where you plan to fly a drone. This is significant as what is not deemed a crime in one region may be regarded as a crime in another. As a resident of California, you should be aware of the drone laws and the procedures required to obtain a drone license.

One of the methods to become a good drone pilot is to obtain a drone license. Pass the FAA-approved Aeronautical Knowledge Exam; apply for a Remote Pilot Certificate through a small UAS rating and get it. The Transportation Security Administration will conduct a background check on you.

Flying a drone is now easier thanks to the breakthrough in flying software and computer vision. However, the laws governing the use of drones are a little hazy; you will have to go through the federal and state laws and regulations about drone operations.

california sign welcomeHow To Get A Drone License In California

The FAA established a new set of regulations for small unmanned aerial systems on June 21, 2016. These new laws, known as Part 107, effectively establish a new drone certification scheme encompassing the vast number of low commercial drone flying operations. To receive a drone license in California, you should be able to understand, write, read, and speak English.

First, you will have taken the aeronautical knowledge examination and successfully passed it. Then, apply for and receive a Remote Pilot Certificate through a small UAS rating. The Transportation Security Administration will conduct a background check on you which you must pass before receiving the drone license.

Every 24 months, you will have to write and pass a periodic aeronautical knowledge exam. When requested by an FAA agent, you should provide your drone and any related documents for testing or inspection. Many drone pilots that have written the aeronautical exam claim it is a simple examination.

However, claiming it is simple does not do justice to your preparation. You will need to research and read about the weather, unmanned aircraft systems, the National Airspace System, and emergency operations. Pass the exam, but do not just pass it; understand what it takes to operate a drone safely and competently.

Drone License California Cost

The FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Exam is given periodically at about 800 testing centers around the United States. It is normally advisable for drone pilots to arrange their tests a minimum of one week ahead of time. The majority of the testing centers are small, and even though demand is not high, it is the type of thing you will want to plan properly for.

The cost for writing the aeronautical knowledge examination is $175; this fee is not paid to the FAA but to the testing facility. The fee will be paid when you want to register to write the exam. If you do not sit for the exam or you fail the exam, your payment will not be returned to you.

Drone Registration California

Before you fly or operate a drone that weighs more than 0.55 pounds but less than 55 pounds in California, it must be registered with the FAA. Every drone user who has registered their drone is obligated by federal law to display their registration certificate to any local or state law enforcement officer who requests it.

You can exhibit it in print or electronic form; to register, you need to use the internet registration method or the paper registration. Every unmanned aircraft should be registered separately by the operator. Registrants must provide their full name, email address, home address, and the manufacturer, serial number, and model of each drone they wish to fly.

Once you have been properly registered, you can use the registration number with several drones. Drone registration costs $5 and will last for three years; you will need a debit or credit card and the model and brand of your drone to register. Go to their website to register your drone and create a new account with the FAA.

Drone Laws California

According to California law, a drone is an unmanned aircraft that operates without the need for direct human intervention. The communication connections and controllers that assist the pilot in navigating the plane are also included in the phrase. Below are the drone laws in California.

  • This legislation bans accessing an individual's airspace without authorization to obtain a photograph or film of that individual engaged in a private, personal, or familial activity.
  • It is illegal for drone operators to record or take images of a crime scene with their drones.
  • It is illegal to fly a drone in any state park wilderness areas, nature preserves, and cultural preserve.
  • It is prohibited that no individual shall operate, land, or launch a drone or any model aircraft inside a park unit in the Orange Coast District.
  • It is illegal to fly or land a drone outside the pilot's visual line of sight.
  • Landing and takeoffs within about 500 feet of emergency response or any special event are prohibited.
  • Any drone pilot that intentionally and knowingly operates a drone on or above the grounds of a juvenile hall, ranch, state prison, camp, or jail will be fined $500.
  • It is illegal to operate a drone in a national park unless the area is designated to allow the use of drones.
  • When flying a drone for commercial purposes, you must mark it with the registration number provided.
  • It is illegal to fly a drone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Drone activities that interfere with firefighting and law enforcement agencies' operations, or act recklessly enough to risk another person's property or life, are illegal.
  • Drones are not permitted to loiter or photograph near or over a vital site on purpose.
  • Without authorization, it is prohibited to take images of or electronically obtain information about essential public infrastructure.
  • Every recreational drone operator should write The Recreational UAS Safety Test and always fly with the proof of the test.

woman fly drone californiaCalifornia Drone Laws Over Private Property

Drones can fly over private property since the Federal Aviation Administration only regulates airspace above 400 feet. However, some states and regions have implemented legislation prohibiting drones from operating over private property. You have to ensure you do not violate any local laws and regulations.

The freedom to fly a drone over private property is among the laws of the FAA. However, California has enacted legislation to manage the state's unregulated airspace. Various bills have been presented in California since 2015 to prohibit drones from flying over private property.

A drone operator who pilots his drone in the sky over another individual's private property without his authorization is guilty of disobeying the California drone law. Before attempting to fly a drone over private property, you must first receive approval from the owners or risk being sued for invasion of privacy.

If you pilot a drone over private property, the owner has the legal right to file a civil or criminal complaint against you. The laws and restrictions governing hobbyist drone flight in your neighborhood will determine what they will do. If anybody files a civil action against you, they will require actual proof, such as images, that your drone flew over their private property.

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Final Thoughts

California offers several benefits to enthusiasts interested in using unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, for commercial or personal purposes. This is due largely to the fact that California offers it all, from breathtaking natural landscapes to a plethora of commercial prospects. To fully enjoy operating your drone in California, you should abide by the rules guiding drone operation in the state and get a drone license if you plan on operating a drone commercially.

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