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How To Get A Drone License In Florida [DO YOU NEED ONE?]

How To Get A Drone License In Florida [DO YOU NEED ONE?]

If it is your first time getting into the world of drones, you are probably wondering how to get a drone license in Florida. There is no way you will enjoy flying your drone in Florida if you cannot comply with the regulations of the authorities. So, how do you get a drone license in Florida?

To get a drone license in Florida, you will need to adhere to the following steps:

  • Create an Integrated Airman certification and rating application to acquire an FAA Tracking Number
  • Study for an aeronautical knowledge test
  • Schedule for your exam
  • After your pass the exam, you can apply for the license

Once you submit your application, the TSA will do a thorough background check on you. If you pass this part, they will furnish you with a temporary drone pilot license that you can use. Read on for more information.

engineer fly droneHow To Get A Drone License In Florida

If you are looking to fly for non-recreation purposes, you will need a drone pilot license from the Federal Aviation Administration. One of the worries that many people have to deal with whenever they want to acquire a drone license in Florida is the period it will take before they can get their license.

If you follow the procedures, you should expect it to take 4-6 weeks before you can get your FAA drone license. Here is a step-by-step guide on getting a drone license in Florida.

Do You Need A Drone License?

The first step to getting a drone license in Florida is to ascertain whether or not you need a license. For instance, if you are flying small drones for leisure, you may not need a license. However, if your drone weighs more than 0.55 pounds, you must register it at

If you intend to use the drone for commercial purposes, you must acquire a license under FAA small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Rule. It is worth noting that once you get a drone license, you can find work in real estate photography, aerial surveys, and work in situations where it would be pretty expensive to deploy helicopters.

Creating An Account

Once you have determined that you need a drone license, the next step is to look for an FAA Tracking Number. You get this tracking number by creating an account with the Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application.

Study For The Test

Once you have the FAA Tracking Number, you should equip yourself with all the necessary information about drones and flying because you will have to pass an aeronautical knowledge test. Fortunately, the internet is full of all the necessary resources that you will need to pass this test.

The test covers many questions, including drone laws, airspace classification, limitations and flight operation, flight restrictions, emergency procedures, weather, and many more. You will need to score at least 70% to consider yourself successful as far as this test is concerned. Attaining 70% should never be hard to crack with the abundance of online resources, online courses, and study guides.

Schedule Your Exam

Once you are confident that you have studied enough to face the test, the next step is to schedule your exam. Typically, the test consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. You should be able to complete the test in two hours.

To register for the exam, you will need a government-issued ID such as a passport to register for the exam.

After passing the exam, you will receive a 17-digit Knowledge Test Exam number that you need to retain for the next step.

Apply For The License

Once you have passed the exam, you should go back to the IACRA website and fill an FAA Form 8710-13 to get a remote pilot certificate.

After completing filling out the form and submitting it, you will need to wait as TSA does a background check before issuing you a temporary pilot license that you can use.

How Much Does A Drone License In Florida Cost?

Failing to get a drone license in Florida can be costly as you will have to struggle with hefty fines that ensue such a reckless move. Fortunately, the cost of getting a drone license is relatively low, and it is not as expensive as some people may want to look at it.

With about $500, you should be able to receive your drone license. Of the $500, you will need about $250 to prepare for the test and $175 for the test center fee. The test is scheduled online, and the students are supposed to pay online or by phone. You will need to take a recurrent certification every two years to maintain your certification currency. The remaining amount can be divided among other costs, including the commercial registration fee per drone, licensing fees, and liability insurance.

Jobs That You Can Get With The Drone License

Several job opportunities will pop up once you become a certified drone pilot. Since drones are now helpful in various industries around the world, you can work in;

  • Real estate sales videos
  • Crime scene mapping
  • Stockpile measurement
  • Search and rescue
  • Construction site progress monitoring
  • Deliveries
  • Infrastructure inspections
  • Natural disaster response
  • Insurance claims adjusting

Drone Registration Florida

Do you have to undertake your drone through the process of registration in Florida? If that is the question that you are asking yourself, then the answer is yes.

Florida laws and regulations require that you register your drone with the FAA and affix the drone registration number to your aircraft before you can fly. The Florida laws require that any unmanned aircraft weighing more than 0.55 pounds be registered and have the registration numbers affixed. Many reasons make drone registration in Florida necessary. They include;

  • It is the best way to avoid trouble with the relevant authorities.
  • Once you are done with the registration, it can last for three years before you can think of starting all over once again.
  • The registration process is easy.
  • It is not expensive; hence you have no reason not to register.
  • Compliance is straightforward.
  • You get peace of mind when you are practicing.
  • It is a way of ensuring that you take the responsibility to protect yourself and others.
  • You get an opportunity to be part of something that can help.
  • Make better decisions

Drone Laws Florida

One of the best ways of ensuring that you do not get problems with the authorities when using your drone is by ensuring that you are familiar with all the drone laws in your state. For recreational drone pilots flying for fun in Florida, the following are some of the essential things to remember;

  • Fly only for leisure
  • Keep your drone within your visual line of sight or use a co-located visual observer
  • Follow the safety guidelines by FAA
  • Fly at or below 400 feet
  • Take regular recreational UAS safety Test
  • Avoid operating your drone dangerously
  • Give way to crewed aircraft.

florida sign palmsFlorida Drone Laws Over Private Property

The Federal drone laws in Florida apply to every state in the United States of America, and the Federal government created them. SB 766//2015 is the specific law that guides drone pilots over private property.

The law illegalizes using a drone to capture images of privately owned properties or even the owner of the property, tenants, and occupant of such property without consent if there is the need to respect personal privacy.

Additionally, SB 92// 2013 defines a drone and provides guidelines on how law enforcement should use the drone when doing their work. Under this law, law enforcers may use a drone over private property if they obtain a warrant, terrorist threat, or need a swift response to save lives.

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Final Words

Acquiring a drone license is critical to ensure that you enjoy flying your drone with peace of mind. Besides, the process is cheap and swift, which explains why you should not shy away from obtaining your Florida Drone License.

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