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FPV Drone Kit: The Best Kit To Get For Beginners

FPV Drone Kit: The Best Kit To Get For Beginners

If you are a drone enthusiast with knowledge of drone components, investing in FPV drone kits will be a good choice for you. The best FPV drone kits are designed so that even beginners can comfortably use them. However, the numerous brands in the market make it hard for anyone to purchase the best FPV kit.

After extensive research and comparison, we can confidently assert that the best FPV drone kit for beginners is the DJI FPV Drone Combo. DJI FPV Drone Combo features a pilot-friendly hybrid design and can be used for multiple purposes, including racing and aerial photography.

You may have the skills and the expertise to build and customize your drone. However, the reality is that you will never beat the reputable brands that have been in the business for a long time. Therefore, you may want to consider investing in an already made FPV drone.

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How Much Does A Beginner FPV Drone Cost?

In addition to comparing the different brands of FPV drones available, it is imperative to know the amount you will need to get yourself the best FPV drone.

A quality FPV drone for beginners, together with the FPV goggles and a new controller, will cost $ 1,299. While the price might appear costly, it is directly proportional to what you will get from the drone.

Although the price is such an important consideration when shopping for a drone, it is imperative to understand other critical features that you will need to examine. Often when people purchase drones based on price alone, they end up feeling dissatisfied in the long run. In addition to the price, you should also consider;

The Spare Parts

When flying a drone for the first time, the chances are that you will crash it several times. Besides, racing drones are prone to cash, and you have to be prepared to fix your drone. In other words, you should have spare parts readily available. Having two of each component of your drone makes it viable to get back to the atmosphere after a catastrophic bulge. Interestingly, the FPV spare parts are readily obtainable and cost-effective.

FPV Goggles

The FPV is now the most enjoyable way to fly due to its numerous benefits, thanks to the FPV goggles. Remember that your FPV goggles' quality will significantly influence your general flying experience. If you want to get the real value of FPVdrones, then be ready to invest in the top goggles. $250 will give you an average quality, but you may need to double the price or even more for something extraordinary.

 Buy or Build

The FPV drone kit is gaining momentum because many people realize how interesting it is to build your drone. While building your drone might sound cheaper and more convenient, the truth is that you may not beat reputable brands. Therefore, going for already made drones will be a good idea. However, having the building skills at your fingertips will make it easy to repair your drone swiftly in case you crash.

How Much Is It To Build Your Own FPV Drone?

If you are on a tight budget and feel it is time to get into an FPV hobby, then thinking about building your own FPV drone is a legitimate approach. You will need many parts, including batteries, transmitter, FPV gear, transmitter, and a lot of stuff.

Roughly, to complete building an FPV drone, you will need about $900 to get started. It is worth noting that about $400 of the $900 will cater for one term investment parts such as the FPV goggles, radio, and some tools.

To understand how the $900 will fit into building your FPV drone, here is a breakdown of the parts you will need with their cost.


You will need an exemplary transmitter and receiver to jumpstart the process. The Turning 9X, Spektrum DX models, and FrSky Taranis X9D are the three brands that you may want to use. The price for three ranges from $80 to $250.

 Quadcopter frame and Parts

The next part is the quadcopter, and here, you need to go for the best quality. A complete quadcopter with a flight controller and FPV gear should be around $250.

Batteries and Chargers

Batteries are essential in flying a drone, and they cannot work without a charger. For four batteries and a charger, you will need about $150.

FPV Goggles

The FPV goggles will enable you to receive the video that your drone is transmitting. The price for these goggles is diverse, varying from cheap to very expensive. However, for a good flying experience, you will need top quality. Combining the batteries for the goggles, receiver, and antenna should be about $300.

By now, you would have spent about $780.

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Whether you love trying new tricks when flying your drone or not, you are bound to break some propellers when you crash. You will need $20 for ten sets of quality propellers that do not break easily.


So far, you already have everything you need except for tools. Some of the tools you would need include a good solder wire and soldering iron, nuts and bolts, wire connectors, Hex Keys Heat shrink, and a hobby knife. If you combine the price of all these tools, you will get around $100. Hence the total is about $900.

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How Do I Get Good At FPV Drones?

Whether you will build your FPV drone or purchase one from a reputable manufacturer, you need to sharpen your skills to get the most from your drone. So, where do you start while trying to get good at the FPV drone?

The right place to start your new venture is the FPV Drone Simulator. The simulator will allow you to learn new moves, develop new skills, and crash several times with nothing to lose.

In addition to using an FPV drone simulator, there are multiple other considerations that you will need to be the best in what you do.

Understand your Drone

Besides mastering the knowledge to fly an FPV drone, you need to understand every part of the drone. Knowing all the features in the drone and how they work can help you know how to handle some situations. For instance, you need to understand that most racing drones do not have flight assistance. With this in mind, you can quickly get out of some tricky situations.

Leagues and Insurance

Getting involved in organized events provides a perfect opportunity to upgrade your game. However, most companies will require you to purchase insurance before they can admit you. By engaging in various events, you will meet talented pilots who will positively influence your skills.

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To be the best at flying an FPV drone, you must practice. You will need to go for cheaper drones for beginners as you are likely to crash often. It won't be painful crashing a cheaper toy as it would be crashing an expensive FPV drone. Additionally, through regular practicing, you would be able to improve on your hand-eye coordination, which is critical when flying a drone.

Safety Rules for Flying FPV Drones

Lastly, it is imperative to have the safety rules for flying FPV drones at your fingertips. Considering that these drones are pretty fast, they can cause injuries to people or even animals. Here are a few tips to remember;

  • Ensure that you abide by the local rules and regulations regarding drone flying
  • Purchase an insurance
  • Choose your flying location wisely
  • Avoid flying too close to people and animals
  • Never use damaged batteries and dispose of them properly when their disposal time comes
  • Avoid trying to catch a multicopter in mid-air.


If you are first getting into the FPV drones, investing in the best drone would be a milestone for launching your hobby in style. The DJI FPV Drone Combo will be your best bet as it offers incredible performance and value for your money. Remember to consider your specific needs, preferences, reviews, and experiences before settling on any drone.

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