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RC Boat Trailers: RC Trucks With Trailers And Boats

RC Boat Trailers: RC Trucks With Trailers And Boats

Some RC trucks and semi-trucks come with trailers, but you might not know that there are also trailers for RC boats. There are various RC boat trailers, and it is imperative to know the brands; this will help inform your decision. Continue reading to find out more about RC boat trailers.

RC boat trailers include Axial SCX24 RC boat trailer, Traxxas TRX4 Spartan, Beast 4×4 with a Cormier Boat Trailer, Traxxas Boat Ford F350, and Tamiya Zodiac Trailer. RC trucks with trailers and boats include Fistone RC Truck Semi Trailer and truck and Axial SCX10 4×4 truck with boat trailer. 

There are several RC boats from different brands and manufacturers; these RC boats vary in size and features. RC boats are fun and exciting to operate, mostly because the operation takes place in water. Most people transport an RC boat using an RC trailer attached to an RC car or truck, making it easier.

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RC Boat Trailers

An RC boat trailer is a trailer that is designed to carry, launch, retrieve, and store an RC boat and is usually attached to an RC car or truck. They usually come in different sizes and shapes and are used for different types of RC boats.

Not all manufacturers make RC cars or trucks with boat trailers, so you might have to purchase a boat trailer and attach it to your RC car or truck. An RC boat trailer is very useful in transporting your RC boat from your home to the waterside where you plan to operate it. Let us look at some of the RC boat trailers you can get.

Axial SCX24 RC Boat Trailer

Axial SCX24 RC boat trailer is designed to be used with the Axial SCX24 1/24 scale RC crawler. This trailer is a complete bundle and comes with everything needed for installation on an RC car. It comes with the required hardware used for mounting it to your RC crawler. However, this boat trailer does not come with any RC car or RC boat.

It comes with all the necessary tools for assembling various accessories on the trailer. A bolt-on V-hull boat attachment used for mounting different micro boats, especially jet boats, is included with this boat trailer package. This trailer uses an axle that reduces the tongue weight and carries most of the load; hence, there is no pressure on the vehicle dragging it.

The Axial SCX24 RC boat trailer is a fully assembled all-metal trailer and comes with 2 rubber bands for securing the boat, a top plate with ramp storage, and a hitch for the Axial SCX24. You can use this trailer to transport any RC boats with ease.

Beast 4×4 with a Cormier Boat Trailer

The Cormier Boat Trailer is one of the most popular RC boat trailers; it is mostly used with the RC beast 4×4 and is suitable for other RC cars. One of the main reasons this trailer is popular is because it is made from high-quality material and can accommodate any size of RC boat. It is also compatible with most RC cars and trucks.

This boat trailer is made from high-quality wood material coupled with aluminum fenders and metal reinforcements. It comes with a trailer hitch ball which you use to attach the trailer to your RC car or truck. This RC boat trailer is mostly suitable for RC trucks rather than cars. It also comes with a flat piece of aluminum.

The Cormier Boat Trailer comes with safety chains, toolboxes, ball link hitch, and tie down straps. These materials make the installation of the trailer to an RC car or truck much easier and faster; you can use it for any 36 inches v hull RC boat. This trailer does not come with an RC boat.

Traxxas TRX4 Spartan

Traxxas TRX4 Spartan has its boat trailer, which is separately made and sold. The Traxxas Spartan is the latest and best RC boat manufactured by Traxxas, one of the top leading manufacturers of RC vehicles. This RC boat trailer is mostly found on eBay but can also be purchased on WorthPoint.

The boat trailer is designed to be used only for the Traxxas Spartan RC boat. It is made from high-quality wood, aluminum, and stainless steel material. The high-quality material it is made from is what makes it one of the best RC boat trailers. It has a very detailed structure and mechanism.

It comes with all the necessary tools and materials required for the installation of an RC car. This RC boat trailer can be used with any RC car, but it is preferable to use it with an RC truck. You can get this boat trailer in any color of your choice, but the most popular color is blue, which matches the color of the Traxxas Spartan RC boat.

RC Truck With Trailer And Boat

Most RC boat trailers come without an RC car or truck; however, few come with the RC truck and the boat. Some manufacturers produce RC trucks that have trailers and boats. In this scenario, the boat is always on the trailer while the trailer is attached to the truck. All these vehicles are remote-controlled. Let us explore some of the RC trucks with trailers and boats.

Fistone RC Truck Semi-trailer

Fistone RC truck semi-trailer is one of the RC trucks with a trailer suitable for RC boat transportation. It is 33.9 inches long, 6.3 inches wide, 7.1 inches high, weighs 5.84 pounds, and uses solid rubber tires that allow it to run smoothly over rugged terrain. It uses 2.4GHz remote control technology and has a control range of 98 feet.

This RC vehicle is highly durable and comes with turn signals, front lights, and rear lights. The trailer can be disconnected from the truck by long-pressing the tractor switch button on the remote. To carry a boat on this truck trailer, all you have to do is pull the skew plate down and move the boat to the trailer. One amazing feature of this RC truck is that it is suitable for carrying RC boats and other RC cars.

RC Boat Trailer Kits

There are two types of boat trailers; ready to run boat trailers and boat trailer kits. The ready-to-run comes fully assembled, and all you have to do is attach it to your RC car or truck. On the other hand, the kit comes with all the tools necessary for assembling and building a boat trailer. Below is one of the RC boat trailer kits you can get.

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Machined Alloy Dual Axle Boat Trailer Kit

Machined Alloy Dual Axle Boat Trailer Kit is designed for 1/10 scale RC boats that require transportation to the waterside. It is made from alloy steel and is suitable for RC boats which are 500 to 600 mm long. It comes with realistic 1.9 wheels and tires that make the boat trailer have a realistic look.

This boat trailer kit also has a fully functioning spring suspension, side marker, metal fenders, a toolbox battery, LED brake lights, a functioning front retractable stand, and a hitch attachment. It comes in colors black and gunmetal. The boat trailer, once assembled, is 6.29 inches high, 26.3 inches long, and 7.48 inches wide. The fenders and wheels of this boat trailer will have to be installed.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy the operation of RC boats, one of the things you should have is a boat trailer, especially if you have an RC car or truck. A boat trailer makes it easier for you to move your RC boat. You will even have double the fun as you can enjoy your RC car ride to the riverside and immediately kick off with water operation with the boat.

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