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Best ATV Accessories: Get These Must-Have ATV Accessories

Best ATV Accessories: Get These Must-Have ATV Accessories

Purchasing a new ATV is one of the most exciting things you can do. However, as time goes by, you will realize that there are some accessories you need to improve the performance of your ATV. At this point, do you have to buy a new ATV, or is there a way to upgrade it? Hop in, let us find out.

Here is a list of all the best must-have ATV accessories: ATV helmet, automatic battery charger, seat protector, ATV winch, first aid kit, a pair of goggles, ATV cover, single line pull winch, sound system, ATV riding gloves, ATV saddlebag, loading ramps, phone holder, mirrors, LED lights, and GPS.

You will find most of these accessories handy. You do not know when you might need one of them, and if you do not have it with you, that would be an unpleasant situation.

What ATV Accessories Are A Must-Have?

Before you go and ride your ATV, ensure you have at least sixty percent of these accessories. Some of these accessories can be life-saving, and they can make you have a pleasant ride. Most experienced ATV riders have these accessories, so you should endeavor to get them if you are a newbie.

ATV Cover

You will find an ATV cover very useful if your ATV is always packed outside. Leaving it outside with all the parts exposed and unprotected is the fastest way to wear it out. Depending on your location, in some places, an ATV cover will protect your ATV from the scorching sun, and in other places, from the snow or rain. Using an ATV cover also keeps insects, spiders, and rodents from nesting in your ATV. There are different brands of ATV covers you can check out.

Single-Line Pull Winch

A pull winch will come in handy when you need to pull your ATV out of the toughest terrains. Driving an ATV up a slope can be dangerous sometimes. The risk of rolling over or even slipping increases as the slope gets steeper. You can use the winch as an anchor and have full control of your ATV in terrains you may have tipped over if you attempted to drive through. A winch like the Superwinch Terra is connected to your battery and can deliver up to 1.6 horsepower. It can also pull weights of about 4500 pounds, isn't that impressive?

Automatic Battery Charger


ATV batteries are small and tend to run low faster than batteries in trucks, so having an automatic battery charger is imperative. If you plan on driving your ATV consistently for a long time, you will need to keep the battery charged, so your vehicle does not break down in an isolated place. If your ATV has not been used for a long time, especially during the winter, the battery will run down. The only way to avoid dealing with a dead battery during emergencies is to have an automatic battery charger.

ATV Helmet


A helmet is a must-have before you drive an ATV. You never know when an ATV helmet can save your life, and you would not want to regret not wearing a helmet. ATVs are designed for aggressive and rough riding, and it will not be sensible to go driving without a helmet. In most states, it is mandatory to wear a helmet when driving an ATV. There are different types of helmets, but you must consider quality, good ventilation, adequate padding, and replaceable parts before purchasing any ATV helmet.

LED Lights

All ATVs come with headlights to light up the road in front of you. However, most of the lights are not bright, and they light up the road poorly. Manufacturers of ATVs use a thin gauge wire that limits the power supplied to the bulbs. To fix this recurring problem, get some LED light bars to brighten up the way. The output of LED lights is better and higher than the headlights that are in ATVs. You can get flood beam LEDs or Spot beam LEDs. Flood beams perform great in the foreground, and spot beams are good for distance. There is also an option to combine both LEDs.


Many ATVs do not come with any rearview mirrors. The idea is that you would turn your head around if you want to go back or view what is behind you. The issue with this is that it will take time and effort to turn around when you want to reverse or look behind, and having a set of rearview mirrors makes it a lot easier. Check for different rearview mirrors and select the one that best fits your ATV.


Having a GPS is very important, especially if you are driving through unfamiliar terrains. A smartphone with GPS would be good, but you cannot be accessed if you are in a place where there is no phone signal. A GPS unit installed in your ATV is a better solution because it does not require a phone signal to work. If you get lost or stuck with a broken ride, it is easier to communicate your location with a GPS.

Sound System

If you enjoy listening to music when driving, you should consider getting a good sound system. You can purchase weatherproof sound systems that offer quality sound, work with Bluetooth, and allow you to play and control music on applications like Spotify and Tidal. Some sound systems come with remote control; you should consider getting one of these.

What To Consider Before Purchasing ATV Accessories

You need to consider the features of any ATV accessory you want to purchase. That is what will make it the best choice for your ATV. Ensure you conduct some research on all the features, advantages, and disadvantages of any accessory, as well as what makes it better than the others. Some of the things you need to consider are;

The Build And Construction Quality


The reliability, strength, and durability of any accessory are determined by the construction and build quality. You want any accessories you purchase to last for a long time; you do not want to repair and replace them frequently. So, you must go for quality accessories, especially those offering a service life of at least one year.

The Resistance To Weather And Other Environmental Factors

Ensure the accessory you want to purchase is strong enough to withstand weather pressure, including heat, snow, rain, strong wind, and dust storms. Any accessory you purchase for your ATV must also be dustproof and rustproof, and you do not want the accessories to start rusting after a few months. You should also make sure they are all waterproof. In the events of stormy weather, you would not want to wait till the weather becomes favorable. It is an ATV, and you can drive through anything.


The size of the accessory is the most important thing to consider. If you buy an accessory with great weatherproof quality, is strong and durable but is not the right fit for your vehicle, that is a great waste. You cannot enjoy the full benefits of any accessory if it is not the right fit for the ATV. The size also determines the number of accessories you can purchase.

Final Thoughts

You can customize your ATV to suit your taste; there are different accessories you can use to improve your ATV. Moreover, there are accessories that you must have in your ATV, and you will find them very helpful and useful during emergencies. Some of these accessories are required by the law before driving an ATV.

Improving the performance and aesthetics of your ATV is something you will enjoy. You can make your ATV reflect your personality, and you can customize it to suit your profession.